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2019 Fall Ball Registration


2019 Spring Season



12U All-Star Pool Play Schedule

Game Date Time Location Result
Round 1 Pool Play
RDO vs. Western 6/22/19 3:00 pm RDO 12- 2 - RDO
West Hills vs. SHLL 6/22/19 6:30 pm RDO 6-4 - West Hills
Lakeside American vs. Alpine 6/22/19 9:00 am Lakeside American 12-0 - Lakeside American
Lakeside National vs. ECN 6/22/19 12:30 pm Lakeside American 15-2 - Lakeside National
Santee Pioneer vs. Santana National 6/23/19 10:00 am Santee Pioneer 8-0 - Santana National
Round 2 Pool Play
RDO vs. SHLL 6/24/19 6:30 pm RDO 8-4 - RDO
Lakeside American vs. ECN 6/24/19 6:30 pm Lakeside American 19-0 - Lakeside American
Western vs. West Hills 6/25/19 6:30 pm RDO 9-8 - West Hills
Alpine vs. Lakeside National 6/25/19 6:30 pm Lakeside American 12-2 - Lakeside National
Santee Pioneer vs. Fletcher Hills 6/25/19 6:00 pm Santee Pioneer 12-2 - Fletcher Hills
Round 3 Pool Play
RDO vs. West Hills 6/27/19 6:30 pm RDO
Lakeside American vs. Lakeside National 6/27/19 6:30 pm Lakeside American
Fletcher Hills vs. Santana National 6/27/19 6:00 pm Santee Pioneer
Western vs. SHLL 6/28/19 6:30 pm RDO
Alpine vs. ECN 6/28/19 6:30 pm Lakeside American

10U All Star Pool Play Schedule

Game Date Time Location Result
Round 1 Pool Play
Lakeside National vs. Santana National 6/22/19 9:00 am Lakeside National 12-0 - Lakeside National
Alpine vs. Western 6/22/19 12:30 pm Lakeside National 18 - 0 - Alpine
West Hills vs. Rios 6/22/19 6:30 pm West Hills 7-6 - Rios
Santee Pioneer vs. Fletcher 6/22/19 6:00 pm Santee Pioneer 11- 0 - Fletcher Hills
ECN vs. SHLL 6/22/19 10:00 am ECN 13-11 - SHLL
Round 2 Pool Play
Lakeside National vs. Western 6/24/19 6:00 pm Lakeside National 14-0 - Lakeside National
Santana National vs. Alpine 6/24/19 6:00 pm Lakeside National 4-2 - Alpine
West Hills vs. Jamul 6/24/19 6:30 pm West Hills 10-8 - West Hills
Santee Pioneer vs. Lakeside American 6/24/19 6:00 pm Santee Pioneer 7-5 - Santee Pioneer
ECN vs. RDO 6/24/19 6:00 pm ECN 11-3 - RDO
Round 3 Pool Play
Lakeside National vs. Alpine 6/26/19 6:00 pm Lakeside National 14-2 - Lakeside National
Santana National vs. Western 6/26/19 6:00 pm Lakeside National 13-5 - Santana National
Jamul vs. Rios 6/26/19 6:30 pm West Hills 11-3 - Rios
Lakeside American vs. Fletcher Hills 6/26/19 6:00 pm Santee Pioneer 17-1 - Fletcher Hills
RDO vs. SHLL 6/26/19 6:00 pm ECN 14-3 - RDO

Congratulations To SHLL 2019 TOC Winners



Minor A

"Team  Pheasant"

Singing Hills Little League

Singing Hills Little League has been serving our community for well over 50 years! Our league prides itself in teaching our kids the skills they will need to become competitive ball players, to cooperate as a team and most important, to have fun!    We are a volunteer organization, dedicated to providing our kids with the best possible baseball experience in a safe and secure environment.  

Sponsorship Helps

Sponsorship is a big part of our league.  It helps to pay for much needed equipment and keep registration fees down.  In recent years sponsorship dollars have enabled us to open restrooms on the minors fields and provide completely overhauled fields for out T-Ball, Rookies and Minors B divisions.  

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring the league or a specific team please give them the 2019 sponsorship packet.  If you are able to bring in $600.00 or more in sponsorship your registration fees will be waived/refunded.  

2018 SHLL Sponsorship Packet

Yearbook Contributions

We will be looking for yearbook pictures throughout the season.  Please send yearbook worthy pictures to at any time throughout the season. 


Another option to get photos in the yearbook is to upload them directly to you team page.


We are looking for good pictures of PLAYERS participating in all aspects of our league:  on the field, in the dugout, at the snack bar, lining up for pledges, warm ups and all fund-raising events.  We also want to include coaches, team moms, umpires and volunteers.


Your winning shot could be selected for this year’s yearbook!  We will update the team moms on deadlines for sections as they come up. 


Editor: Ashley James, SHLL Publicity Officer, 



Majors: OPEN

Minors 1: OPEN

Minors 2: OPEN

Minors 3: OPEN


Kennedy Park field hotline updated AFTER 2:00pm: 619-441-1538

Equipment Exchange

SHLL will gladly accept any equipment that you no longer need or use.  If you have any baseball equipment, pants, jerseys, cleats, etc., that you no longer need and are still in good condition please bring them into one of the snack bars or your manager.  We will make sure that all donated equipment is made available to those who need it.    

Interleague Addresses

El Cajon Western:

Tuttle Park - 379 West Chase Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020

El Cajon National:

Greenfield Middle School - 1495 Greenfield Drive El Cajon, CA 92019

Jamul Little League:

14545 Lyons Valley Road Jamul, CA 91935

Rios Canyon:
9770 Flinn Springs Road El Cajon, CA 92021

Santee Pioneer Little League: 

8112 Arlette St. Santee,CA 92071

Lakeside American:

13145 Willow Road Lakeside, CA 92040

Majors Field (Located directly South of Snack Bar)

Minors A  Field (Located South of the Majors Field)

Minors B/Caps Field (Located East of the Snack Bar)

Santana National 

9545 Cuyamaca Street Santee, CA 92071

Volunteer Opportunities

SHLL runs on volunteers.  From the Board of Directors to the coaches and Team Parents.  We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer with our league and take part in making SHLL the best it can be.  Please take the time to complete a Volunteer Application and submit it to our Coaching Coordinator; Rob Pheasant along with a photo copy of your current drivers license and tell him what you want to volunteer for.  

NOTE: All volunteers must submit a new Volunteer Application every season.  



Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization.  View our sponsor page to see all our loyal supporters!  Interested in becoming a sponsor? You'll find all the information you need there too! 

Please click on the link below yo view our 2017 Sponsorship Letter.  

Thank you for your support! 


Padres Summer Camp

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